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Shamsuddin Illius

Shamsuddin Illius is a print and online media journalist. He has been working in the field (fulltime) of journalism since 2010. He is very much passionate about journalism since his early age.

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Shamsuddin Illius

Shamsuddin Illius is one of the fellows of 2022 World Press Institute. One of his stories got honorable mention in 2022 Covering Climate Now Award.

He covered the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) from ground in Glasgow in 2021 with the CCMP Fellowship by the Earth Journalism Network (EJN) and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security.

In October 2022, he completed a global cross-border investigation with six journalists from six different countries— ‘The Sinking Cities Project’ that examines how sea-level rise is affecting major cities and how the governments are responding to the consequences of climate crisis. He worked for the Dhaka-part.

Illius is a story grant fellow of Earth Journalism Network (EJN)—Reporting on Zoonotic Diseases and One Health in the Asia-Pacific Region 2021, Reporting on Biodiversity Story Grants 2020, and Reporting on Climate Change Adaptation in the Bay of Bengal 2019. He is one of the fellows of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Journalism Fellowship Scheme 2018. He is also an Alumni at Thomson Reuters Foundation -Reporting on Migration. He completed a short course on Refugee and Advocacy from Jain University, Bangalore in India.

He has done a multimedia story jointly with a US journalist supported by Pulitzer Center. The 10-min story showed climate migrants struggle for an alternative livelihood.

Shamsuddin Illius

Work Experiences

Shamsuddin Illius has been working as the Bureau Chief Chittagong at The Business Standard, the Bangladesh largest business daily. Earlier, he worked as the In-charge of Chittagong bureau at The Independent, one of the leading English national dailies published from Dhaka in Bangladesh from July 2014 to June 2019.

He also contributes to Agence France-Presse (AFP) and The Third Pole. His work also appeared in The Scotsman and more.

Covered Issues

He has covered so many issues related to climate change, environment, crime, business, refugee, migration, human trafficking and human rights abuse so far. Many of his articles on Climate change and environmental issues, refugee, migration and human rights got huge coverage and stirred up the readers of the country.

Along with Climate change and environment he has been covering the Rohingya refugee crisis since 2016 and witnessed the Rohingya refugees fleeing from persecution in Myanmar crossing the treacherous Naf River for finding safe shelter in Bangladesh.

Myanmar troops ‘use rape as tool’ to persecute Rohingyas

SHAMSUDDIN ILLIUS from Cox’s Bazar Publication Date: 24 September, 2017 00:00 00 AM   Media:...

Bonded labour at dry fish units robbing children of their youth

SHAMSUDDIN ILLIUS Media: The Business Standard Original URL: Bonded labour at dry fish units robbing children...

Thirsty Ctg industries dry up water level

Published: The Business Standard Date: 15 June, 2021 Original Link:Thirsty Ctg industries dry...

Looks Challenge

Now, he is covering the news on climate change, environment and business in Chittagong and Rohingya refugees’ journey to Bangladesh and their shelter, food, education, healthcare, trafficking and refugee management.

One of his reports titled, Cops ‘label’ teenage boy as sister’s violator’ ensured justice for a poor family. The report was treated as First Information Report (FIR) by the High Court of Bangladesh following a writ petition by a Supreme Court lawyer. Reporting is a tremendously challenging and daunting task in many respects.

He, however, always looks for challenging tasks, so he decided to move forward. As a journalist at the end of day, there is a feeling of fulfillment when he can make a little change in the life of vulnerable people, bring changes in the society and hold the powerful accountable by his write-ups.

Cops ‘label’ teenage boy as sister’s violator

  Publication Date: 23 May 2015  Media: The Independent Original Link: Cops 'label' teenage boy as...

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